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Hey there!

A quick note to let you know how I got to where I am today...

I have studied self-development for more than 25 years. Seventeen years ago, I became a certified parenting coach. I've been coaching small business owners into success for the last seven years. And, I'm a certified life coach. Basically, I love transformation!



Throughout my own journey, the hardest part of growing and transforming myself has been managing my daily experience, staying the course, remaining energized to reach meaningful goals, and enjoying the process along the way.

When I turned my attention to that challenge, I discovered that it is all the small moments between our big successes that add up to a good life, true satisfaction and real abundance. As an entrepreneur, a parent, and a mate, I have stared down a great number of life transitions big and small. It is the skills that I've acquired through all my studies that inform my best decisions and most beloved outcomes. Now I want to share what I've learned with you and coach you in achieving your most meaningful goals!

I'm here to focus on what's possible for you, not just like a little possible, but enormously possible. I believe that everyone can live a life that feels beautiful, authentic, and inspired.... and it may not be as hard or far away as you think. 



Being seen for who you truly are by a compassionate stranger can shake you to your bones, and lift you high.

When the truth in me, recognizes the truth in you, we have a relationship.

"One word to describe her...AMAZING!  She is organized, ambitious, communicates well and her biggest strength is she is extremely creative!  I think anyone that has the pleasure of working with Christy should be prepared to be WOWed by her creative skills and get ready to work with a true professional!

Melanie M. | Graffiti Beach + Thread & Seed