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I've been thinking of ways to have more fun in 2021, I'm pretty sure this is it! What could be more fun than a receiving a surprise piece of original art, signed by me, and sent to you (or your loved one) each season? 


Each hand made piece will range in size from 3"x5" to 4"x6" or somewhere in between. Perfect for hanging over a light switch, inside a bookshelf, next to your desk, or in a cute little nook.


Each piece comes unframed and can remain that way or easily be framed in something off the shelf or by a professional. 


In the spirit of fun, all four pieces get delivered, once per season, for $57 now through 12/31/2020.

This set of four pieces is a $300 value, in the new year the price will go up to $97 for the year... still a great offer. 


Unique, meaningful, and handmade, A Year of Art is the perfect gift! 

A Year of Art

$57.00 Regular Price
$42.75Sale Price

Spring Sale

  • Use Ship2020 at check out for free shipping! 

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