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Creative Display Inspiration

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

“The best design projects are the ones where people broke the rules." - Nate Berkus

Framing and hanging is just one way to display your collection. There are opportunities everywhere around your space to display and celebrate the images you love.

6 Non-traditional Art Display Ideas

The following ideas work with all kinds of personal decor styles. You can adapt them to work in your space by changing up the details.

  1. The Clipboard: mount 1 or several classic clipboards on nails and use them to display smaller pieces and photographs. Keep the art smaller than the edge of the board to give it a framed look.

  2. The Wooden Pant Hanger: pant hangers often have a bit of felt inside the clamped wooded edges, this makes them gentle on your art and easy to use on lots of different sizes.

  3. The Lean-to: go ahead frame that art, but don't bother hanging it. Set it on a desk, the floor, a shelf and lean it against the wall just so. Make sure that nearby vibrations won't cause it to slip and come crashing down and then enjoy this casual yet chic look.

  4. Surprise Locations: go ahead, put that art inside your medicine cabinet, give it some shelf space and let it delite you every time you open the door, place a small piece above a light switch, or above a doorway, how about taping a small art poster inside your fridge?

  5. Under glass: I'm a big fan of old wooden tables with a piece of glass over them... but there are an infinite number of glass top tables, which brings me to number five on the list... slide art under glass or plexiglass, and let it become part of your table top.

  6. Magnetic Wood Hangers: there are some really fun frame alternatives on Etsy that make quick work of displaying your artwork and creating a modern vibe. Check out the link for some inspiration!

I used to work at a large advertising agency in Austin, Texas. In order to make cubical living more bearable, I kept a couple of manila folders on my desk that were lined with art images. I would open them like giant greeting cards and set them on my desk while I worked. They enriched my day and no one was the wiser. I'd just close them up at the end of the day and place them with my other files. Art can live anywhere you decide it should be.

Happy collecting!


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