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Collecting Art

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Which comes first, the art or the rest of the decor? The answer is whatever you want! Creating a space, a home, is an organic process of collecting beloved items over time, resonating with trends only to be completely over them a few years later, replacing broken items, and purging things that don't "spark joy".

“A room should feel collected, not decorated.” - Albert Hadley

As our tastes change, our budget changes, even the location of our home changes, we naturally keep what works and let go of what does not... or at least we should. Stuffing our spaces with items we feel an obligation to is a recipe for an unsettled home.

The Life of Art

Of all the items I own, it is the art that sticks around the longest. Sofas and chairs have come and gone, but their are a certain few pieces of art that create a visual history that only I understand. Each time I move, I enjoy finding the just right spot for each piece. That is to say, I don't buy art to fill a spot, I let the art I have speak to me. I don't match the rug, drapes, and art if you know what I mean. My art collection is beyond trend, and so I make new throw pillows and any other more temporary item work with my art, rather than replace are that matches these more whimsical acquisitions.

Collecting art is highly personal. What each of us feels about any given piece is unique to our preferences and experiences. From found objects to department store wall decor, posters to archival prints, art can be anything that is collected for pure visual pleasure. Art doesn't do anything for you, it is a non-functional item, yet it changes everything about how a space feels, and how we feel about our homes.

An art piece is right for you, right for your space, if it makes you feel something. That's really all we need to know to become collectors.

Happy collecting!


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