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The first vacation I took with my now-husband was to Santa Cruz. After we toured all the usual spots, he introduced me to Capitola, a truly magical seaside village where his father had owned a nightclub on the water in the 1950s. We spent the afternoon on the back deck of a cafe just a few doors down from where the Edgewater nightclub had once thrived. With coffee and journals we soaked up the sun and air, reveling in the history and beauty of it all.


The twenty-six-piece Capitola Collection relives that one beautiful day by the sea.

My hope is that the viewer will feel uplifted and full of personal possibility, just as I did that day in Capitola. Each abstract piece is acrylic on canvas. The pure unambiguous hues achieved with acrylics reflect the bright saturated colors of the houses and sun kissed businesses that dot the coast. I’ve combined the essence of those structures and their relationship to their natural surroundings to create a collection with a mid-century feel.


As an abstract artist, my intention is to create works that feel comfortable and familiar, yet totally new. My art is meant to be lived with, to be contemplated and enjoyed.

The collection is all originals on either paper or canvas. Click images for full view and details.

The sun moves across the sky, and Capitola transforms from sun-bleached and airy, to deep and shadowy as the day ends. This collection ranges from zen minimalist compositions touched by light to more complex, richly layered pieces.

All of the moods, all of the vibes, capture a single day in Capitola.

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