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What exactly happens in life coaching?

We identify your truest desires and then set about making them your reality. It's about bringing all aspects of your life into focus so that you feel fully realized, mind, body, soul.

Life coaching, in essence, is a method used to guide individuals to a new learning within a defined time frame. My job is to motivate and inspire you to do more and reach higher, by supporting you in breaking down large goals into manageable steps, while holding you accountable in order to quickly produce results that, at the start, seemed far away. 


How do we meet?

You can do this from anywhere! All you need is a phone or if you want to get fancy we can video chat, and in that case you'll need wifi. Beyond that you can do this on your lunch break, in between dropping off the kids and heading to the gym. Whenever you can carve out time for just you, time for self development, life development, business development, we will work it out. I work with all time zones.

Who is this for?

Coaching is for people who are at a crossroads. When it's time to make a decision and take action but you're not entirely sure what to do next. People work with me when they are ready for things to change.


(Who is this not for? those not ready to take action on their ideas/dreams/vision/goals.)

The BIG question: What am I going to get out of this?

As a coach, my promise to you is that I will show up with full focus, an open mind, and an open heart. You will get someone who will see through your bullsh#&! and pull you back into alignment with your dreams, your vision for your future, and personal development goals. By the end of our time together, you will be clear, strong, and feel the success of having accomplished more in our short time together than you would have in a year (or more) on your own.  

What do we do when I sign up for a coaching package?

  • define your goal(s)

  • discover and uncover roadblocks

  • corral resources

  • create a plan with a timeline

  • navigate your changes with support

  • transform your habits, attitudes, and beliefs to create ongoing success

  • see, feel, experience results


  • apply my Life Work Method to create enjoyable daily practices that energize your daily life, all of the moments between now and when you begin to realize your goals. When your energy shifts, your results accelerate. 

A question for you: What happens to your vision, your business, your life, if you don't take action right now? 

    Imagine your life a year from now if you do act on your ideas.

  • What's different?

  • What have you added that you love?

  • What have you been able to give up that you don't like?

  • Is it worth it to go after your life or business dreams in order to make those things happen?

All of the support you need....

You can do this and you won't be alone.


When you sign up for a coaching package you get my personal email to use during the next 8 weeks as questions and challenges arise. I encourage you to use it, stay supported and connected. I love helping people transform their lives, no matter what the path looks like. 


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We will schedule your sessions on your first free QUICK START call. It's all about momentum...


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What if I need more time or want to do more work?

Current clients always get priority over available time slots. You spot is yours for as long as you'd like to keep working. 

"I came to Christy with overwhelm, wanting to reinvent my life and my business, possibly adding other income streams besides my successful photography business. I was so confused and didn't even know how to get clarity or where to start. In six weeks, we renovated my studio to become a highly successful and beautiful vacation rental, I had a ton of insight about how to balance my portrait business with my growing coaching business for photographers, and felt so much better about everything. I have tried many other coaches and wonderful Christy is the absolute best, especially for an artist/solo-preneure!

Luci Dumas Fine Photography

and Insight Training for Photographers


Download my 10 page Welcome Workbook to get an inside look at what happens in our sessions and what can be expected.

This is the same workbook all new clients get at the start of our coaching relationship. It sets the ground work for successful outcomes. 


(Plus, you can get a jump on your enrollment process by completing the worksheets.)

Coaching transforms the journey from struggle and isolation to accountability and progress.

Stay inspired and grow your life.