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Something Bigger

My mission is to unlock 

within you.

Are you ready to make your mark on the world?

Writers, speakers, teachers, executives, consultants, coaches...

The. World. Needs. You.

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Two decades ago, I stepped onto the coaching path, and since then, life's taken me on a rollercoaster through the realms of motherhood, the dance of divorce, the entrepreneurial hustle, and a delightful detour or two into personal reinvention.

Now, I coach in two ways - a super in depth brand coach experience where we look at you're whole business, and career coaching where I coach everyone form executives to those changing careers.

Use my expertise to help you redefine your future.

I'll coach you,
just you and me.

Personal Branding Coach

You may be asking what is personal branding?  OR  Is personal branding right for me?

Look at the survey below to see if what I do resonates with you!

Personal Brand Coach 

"Personal branding is the process of defining and promoting what you stand for as an individual. Your personal brand is a culmination of the experiences, skills and values that differentiate you.

Who the heck are you?


A personal brand is a deliberate effort to shape how people perceive an individual by highlighting their skills, values, and experiences. It's a combination of a person's image, story, and position in their communities. The goal of personal branding is to establish an individual as an authority in their field and to increase their credibility." - Google

Why should people pay attention to you?

Personal Branding is not about trying to appear as someone you are not. It is about being fully visible as who you really are, consistently.

Personal Branding can lead to:

  • Improved credibility as you showcase your skills and highlight your knowledge.

  • Differentiation as you explain what sets you apart from other people in your space and demonstrate your specialties.

  • A lasting impression – the more you show off your personal brand, the more you’ll give people a way to remember you.

  • Connection to your target audience as they begin to understand who you are and what you stand for.

Personal Branding is great for people who want to:

  • Use their experience to break out on their own in their field

  • Start a new project and create a clear understanding of who they are and what they offer

  • Promote a creative project or personal philosophy that will engage their audience on many levels

Until my Personal Brand remodel is complete, you can find me here.

It's important to note that I have worked in the coaching space for many years, and you may have been referred to me for some other type of coaching. If you are looking for help, please reach out, if I can't help you at this time, I may be able to refer you to someone who can.

Valerie Breslow  

Equestrian Wellness,  Owner


"You are an amazing coach from sharing the theory to being supportive in executing on projects."

Survey: Where are you on your journey?


Do you:

  • Teach

  • Consult

  • Coach


How do you deliver your expertise:

  • 1-to-1 sessions

  • group session

  • books, published or digital

  • speaking engagements

  • courses

  • membership


Do you have:

  • a clear message

  • conversion story

  • strong visual brand identity

  • core mission with a clear "why"

  • clarity of who your ideal clients are

  • a proven method


Are you:

  • posting on social media

  • networking in person

  • running ads on Facebook, Instagram, or Google 

  • getting referals

  • showing up on podcast

  • guest contributing to publications


Do you need help with:

  • your visual presence

  • writing a book & getting published

  • learning to become a pro-speaker

  • building products like courses, memberships, and digital downloads

  • figuring out what you truly offer

  • understanding who you serve


Are you interested in:

  • a complete Personal Branding + Coaching Package

  • just a couple of the items listed above

  • ongoing help in all of the areas as you grow

Maybe it's time to talk to someone about polishing your brand, your offer, and upping your game!

For a free 15 minute evaluation call, contact me below.

Melanie M. 

Thread & Seed, Owner


"One word to describe her...AMAZING!  She is organized, ambitious, and communicates well and her biggest strength is she is extremely creative!  I think anyone who has the pleasure of working with Christy should be prepared to be WOWed by her creative skills and get ready to work with a true professional!

Does this sound like you?

"All of my experience must add up to something more, but what is it?"

If so, we should talk. I help women pivot in their careers, get paid more for what their doing, and strike out on new paths.

Midlife Career Coaching

Which way will you start?

Flexible coaching on the fly, when you need it.

  1 to 1 Coaching X The Hour  

Grab your hourly coaching sessions booked one at a time.

  • Maybe one powerful hour is all you need?

  • Meet from anywhere with video chats

  • Good if you're just starting to make changes and are not sure if you can commit

  • Great for brainstorming, strategizing, and finding solutions to a challenge 

  • Customize your schedule


Let's partner up and

get things done!

 Coaching Membership   

If you want weekly coaching to help you meet a range of goals, the membership is your best bet. This is for those people who want to accomplish a big life change fairly quickly.

  • Meet from anywhere with video chats

  • First session is a 90-minute deep dive into what you'd like to accomplish with coaching (that's 45-minutes free*)

  • 60 -minute sessions 4 X per month

  • All 1 to 1 coaching + texting access between calls

  • Auto billing

  • Excellent savings



*new clients only


What can I expect from my coaching experience?

Everyone starts in a different place with different goals, but as humans we can all benefit from similar results & lessons that we can repeat throughout life for continued success.

Clarity to enhance self-improvment


Dig all the way into what you want in life and why. Alone, it's a challenge to be completely honest about what we want. In coaching we break past your limiting beliefs. 

Fulfillment can be illusive, but it sure sounds good. How do it achieve fulfillemnt?


When we have not accomplished something that really matters to us in a while, but find ourselves super busy anyway, we end up feeling unfulfilled. Learn how to tend to projects and complete them, tend to relationships, and use follow through to achieve a peaceful fulfillment.

Self actualization, how do it do it?


You're super smart, you're good at the things you're interested in, so why haven't you been able to actually do what you dream of? I will help you move into a pattern of completing your goals, by acting on your own behalf.

Fast results happen when we show up and do the work, coaching is a sure fire way to get ourselves to do that.


Sure you can probably handle your goals on your own, but working with a coach speeds up the process of seeing results. If you're tired of waiting for yourself to create a life you love, coaching can make it happen 10x faster.

Balance is one tool for self-improvement. To get there we set up boundaries.


Everything that matters to us in life is connected. You will learn to tend to all areas of life effectively and in an order that makes sense. In the end, you'll discover that balance really means boundaries. 

Range of impact starts close and ripples out into your community, self-improvement always delivers improvement far beyond you.


When you tend to your soul's desire you end up improving not only your life, but the lives of those around you, your community, and your partnerships.

It's hard to quantify how one person taking control of their life can impact the world. 

Michelle S. 

Sulit Press,  Founder


For the past few months I've met once a week with a bad-ass business coach to clarify my goals and map out a weekly action plan and I have to tell has been incredible!
My biggest takeaway so far is that where you are and where you want to be might not be as far apart as you think!Having an objective perspective from someone who can see the big picture of my life and business, without any emotional attachment to the outcome, is wildly helpful in keeping me on track and accountable.
Which coaching service interests you?

Thanks for connecting!

Start here to set up your first session!

Select the service you're interested in and I'll contact you to set up our first session. 

Get Started

How do I apply the work in my own life?

I recently contributed a chapter to the #1 Bestseller, Show Your Work.

My chapter, A Year Alone, shares an intimate portrait of one of my own transformations and how I applied intentional work to accomplish massive change after finding myself in a very low place in life.

All royalties from this book are donated to the nonprofit foster youth organization CTX Table of Grace.

Show Your Work: Successful Women Share the Bumby Roads to Their Biggest Wins, a collection of true stories
Listen to Christy Jaynes as she discusses her client Lucy's successes after Christy's coaching

How can coaching help you make a radical change?

Take a listen to one of my clients, Lucy Dumas, as she interviews me on her podcast and shares about her own experience and ultimate success. 

"She uses her superpowers to help clients like me achieve their dreams and live the life they’ve always wanted.

One of the things I love about Christy is that she practices what she preaches. As someone that has reinvented her life more than once, she has discovered that it’s all the quality of the small moments between our big successes that add up to a good life, true satisfaction, and real abundance."

Luci Dumas

The Profitable Photographer

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